Coffee Facts - Information, Types and Benefits

Coffee is a curious drink. Maybe because of that it is so popular and there are so many interesting facts about it. It also can affect our bodies in a myriad of ways so it would be wise to know what exactly it can do.

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Interesting Facts about Coffee

Coffee is part of our lives for centuries and many interesting stories can be told about it. Here you can find some interesting facts about it. Prepare your coffee and start reading.

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Economics of Coffee

Many people can’t imagine going through a day without at least one cup of coffee. That much coffee consumed in a day makes for some interesting statistics. Let us see the numbers.

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Types of Coffee

Coffee is so good it would be pity not experiment with it. And people did just that and they made a whole specter of interesting beverages. Find out more about types of coffee.

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Health Benefits of Coffee

In addition to being delicious, the coffee has health benefits. It can lessen chance of cancer, heart and brain problems and even chance of all-cause mortality. Read more about benefits of drinking coffee.

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Coffee Health Risks

Beside the benefits of drinking coffee there are bad things that can happen if the coffee is consumed in excess. From unpleasant, like insomnia, to life-threatening, they call for moderation. Find out more about risks of drinking coffee.

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Caffeine - Health Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine exists in many beverages that we use. It would be wise to know how caffeine affects our health. In really, it has both positive and negative effects on human organism.

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